Company Overview


stablished in 2009, Yochana IT is an Award-winning IT staffing and recruiting agency that provides quality and competitive IT workforce in contract, contract to hire and full-time capacity. We have highly trained and tech savvy recruiters and account managers that specialize in specific technologies.

Yochana IT is headquartered in Livonia Farmington Hills, Michigan and we have a large recruiting team operating from Hyderabad, India. We provide services during US hours. In addition to working with distinguished clients in the US, we are proud to have an excellent customer satisfaction and happy clients in both the US and Canada. Our process strikes an ideal balance between structure and creative freedom, with an emphasis on strategic planning and a strong screening process.

. We are approachable perfectionists who believe in the power of people and their creative thinking in understanding the job requirements and finding the best fit.

To best help our clients, we provide:

  • Commitment to Quality

  • A Highly-Skilled Team

  • Competitive Cost

  • Professionalism & Trustworthiness

  • Quick Response

  • Sound Infrastructure

Our Mission

Our customers are central to our mission.

We are committed to connecting great companies with great employees and opening up opportunities for both by providing the highest quality of outsourced employment and human resource services. Success for our customers is reached by empowering them to focus on what they do best.

Yochana IT is committed to the concepts of maximum performance, absolute quality and integrity. Our associates, systems, processes and practices are focused on exceeding our client's and candidate's expectations with an unparalleled commitment to professionalism, service and quality.

Integrity : We are committed to integrity in all that we do, always, everywhere.

Commitment : We value the commitment of our employees to the firm, their individual roles and to our client's projects.

Teamwork : We learn from each other and share our skills and resources across organizational boundaries for both our clients` benefit and our own.

Respect : We draw strength from equal opportunity and diversity, at the same time supporting personal growth and development.

Professionalism : We are determined to deliver outstanding quality so that our relationships with our clients will be long-lasting and close.

Initiative : When our employees take the initiative to be the best at their positions, see tasks through to completion, and proactively try to make a difference, we all benefit from their actions.

Courage : We value the courage to face adversity, persevere, and make tough decisions.

We pride ourselves as a progressive and innovative Staffing / Human Resource service partner, offering our customers a highly accountable and flexible level of service support exceeding the parameters of traditional temporary/staffing service. Our commitment to our customers begins with identifying ideal candidates for their business, and ensuring that they arrive to your work site consistently.

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