Challenging The Status Quo

What Makes Us Different?


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Yochana Challenges the Status Quo! We believe in taking a different approach to recruiting. We provide quality candidates to our clients at reasonable rates. We take pride in our process and have a passion for helping candidates land a new role and assisting clients in finding a perfect resource! We specialize in Direct Hire, Contract and Contract to Hire roles.

Our Process

Yochana recruits both Active and Passive Candidates from a variety of sources, from social media to job boards. This allows our candidate pool to grow exponentially making a constant flow of new talent for our clients to review daily. Our process strikes an ideal balance between structure and creative freedom, with an emphasis on strategic planning and a strong screening process!

1. Sourcing


Our first step in the process is to identify qualified talent. We do this by actively and passively recruiting candidates from a variety of sources, including our internal database, social media and job boards.

2. Info Gathering

Interview 1 with Recruiter

Recruiter – Initial Contact
Our recruiter conducts an initial interview with the candidate to ascertain their skills and competencies. The candidate must complete a skills matrix form which provides accurate data. Hiring managers can use this skills matrix, to determine if the candidate is the best fit without having to read a full resume.

3. Skill Confirmation

Interview 2 with Team Lead

Team Lead – Follow Up Contact
The Recruitment Team Lead will conduct a second interview with the candidate to review and verify the data presented by the Recruiter from the initial contact. We confirm the salary requirement and past experiences are a match for the current role.

4. Match with Client

Interview 3 Internal Hiring Manager

Director & Candidate
The Recruiting Director will reach out to the candidate directly. We determine if the candidate is a cultural fit based upon the client’s recommendation, continuously verifying qualifications and providing additional information about the client’s interview process.

5. Client Submittal

Final Stage

The last step of our process is submitting the candidate for consideration to the client!

Our Mission

Our mission is simple. To Challenge The Status Quo. The word “Yochana” means THOUGHT. We think differently about Talent Acquisition and Recruiting practices to ensure both our clients and candidates receive the superior results they deserve. We are passionate about connecting outstanding companies with amazing and talented resources. We accomplish this through the utilization of creative active and passive sourcing methods, implementing an unprecedented 3 step interview protocol, and maintaining Integrity at all times.